Our Story

Life can be tough at times, but it can also be an absolute joy. 
We decided that we should help people remember the good stuff, so we created My Earth Moments

About me

"We all love looking up at the stars and wondering what could possibly be out there, but I believe that looking back at our Earth is actually the most beautiful and rewarding sight. 

 I really wanted to create something to celebrate special moments in people's life and it was clear that it had to feature that incredible awe inspiring view of Earth from above. I knew what I wanted to create but wasn't sure if it was possible. 

Thanks to the amazing teams at NASA and EUMETSAT we can now help people create beautiful, unique, high quality products featuring a real satellite photograph of Earth from the exact day their special moment happened. 

 The little sparks of joy that we all experience very occasionally, when something really special happens, should never be forgotten. We love to help people remember those moments"


Our Goals

Be Earth Friendly

We reduce our carbon footprint by having manufacturing hubs in strategic locations worldwide, and we only use materials from FSC approved forests.

Make it Meaningful

We want to help people cherish the special moments in their life by allowing them to create something truly unique to them, just like that special moment was.  

Quality Every Time

We ensure that quality is never an issue by doing all the hard work for you so that you have a uniqe, high quality product that will last a lifetime.